I'm proud to endorse SABIAN cymbals and Camp Percussion Co accessories


I myset varies a lot depending on what I'm doing but generally it's based around this:
10” rack tom
12" rack tom
14" Floor Tom
18" or 20" Bass Drum
14" Yamaha/Sonor/Murray/vintage Ludwig snares

SABIAN Cymbals

10” Sabian Chopper
14” Artisan Elite or 13” Sabian Fierce Hats
19” HHX Omni/18" Artisan Crash
18” HHX Evolution Ozone
24" HH King/22” HH Pandora Ride
22" Artisan Thin Ride
14" Hoop Crasher


Camp Percussion Co Lunar Lander and Snare Wallet

Sonor Perfect Balance Pedals

Vic Firth Sticks, Brushes and Mallets

Latin Percussion Cowbells, Woodlbocks and Tambourines