In 2016 I left all my other musical affiliations to focus on just a few chosen sources of musical output:

Trio HLK

Trio HLK (myself, Ant Law + Richard Harrold) draw from contemporary classical music, jazz, hip-hop and breakcore. The trio deal with musical ambiguities, in particular ‘actual versus perceived rhythm’, deriving unique improvisational frameworks. The Trio are currently touring the UK with Evelyn Glennie and our debut album which also features Dame Evelyn alongside Steve Lehman is available now:

Drum Interpretations

Drum Interpretations is a solo project where I perform pieces of music which were originally written for or performed on a different instrument. From György Ligeti's "Hungarian Rock" (written for harpsichord) to the polyrhythmic beatboxing of Tigran Hamasyan I am using these pieces of music as a means of exploring new possibilities on the drum set. A full album alongside scores of all pieces will be released later in 2018, in the mean time if you visit my YouTube Channel you can see two video performances that will feature on my album.

Leah Gough-Cooper Quartet/Human Equivilent

This is not a project of mine, but is however a music group which is close to my heart and I'm very proud to be involved in. Whenever Leah is back from NYC it's a real privilege to play wonderful compositions alongside Leah, Alan Benzie and Gus Stirrat.