New Chebsite


New Chebsite

Yep, so I finally did it! A functioning (and for now at least) up-to-date website. There's a point to this though...or rather a few.

Firstly my Dispatches page where I'll be writing about music, learning, that kind of thing. It's hopefully going to provide some interesting food for thought or perhaps even induce a little debate about music. I'm planning on documenting how I'm approaching learning a few musical ideas as well as exploring some thoughts I've had about music and the arts along the way. I guess it's essentially a blog but hopefully one that isn't too self-insisting and one with a few points to make.

Then there's the About page and indeed the Discog - where anyone who is interested in what I've been up to (form an orderly queue yeh) but also what I do now - sessions, lessons, masterclasses (aka the usual guff that everyone who's a working muso tends to do). I guess if you are interested in who the hell is writing all the guff on the Dispatches page then you can see what I've done and what I do and then hopefully have some perspective on my opinions. Hell... you might even like the music and buy a CD or come to a gig!

The Look, Listen, Projects and Dates pages are pretty self-explanatory. I'll add new things to them as new releases come out - of which several are already lined up. I'll be writing about such new releases on this here news page.

Well that it's for now. Have a look round, see if any of it interests you.